Brut de Brut

Made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes grown in Valais.


Harvested under conditions which guarantee a powerful structure as well as full maturity, Chardonnay grapes are added without treading and de-stemming. Slow and gentle pressure exerted in a closed fermentation vat is what gives this Brut of Bruts all its delicacy.


Light yellow, tinged with green


Fine bubbles which rise and keep coming in regular bursts.


This subtle bouquet features notes of plum and white flowers to which a touch of grilled almonds is added.


Lively and elegant, the Brut of Bruts turns out to be extremely pleasant and well balanced.

Food partners

Ideal as an aperitif, this sparkling wine can also be appreciated with crustaceans or grilled white meats.

CHF 17.90